What MyShippers does for its clients?

MyShipper is an Australian intermediary company which helps the businesses to import products from the China. Chinese products have a great demand in Australia. So, importing products from China and sell these products to the local market ensure much profitability. To help the businessman importing products from the China MyShipper is offering different services.

MyShippers helps the business owner to deal directly with the manufacturers. They will act as just an introducer. They will also help you to find out the best manufacturer of the products. You can directly contact with the Chinese manufacturer. You can discuss everything with them related to the products and services. You will get MyShipper team whole time along with you while making any business contract with the manufacturers.


MyShipper ensures the fact that you will get the quality products from the China. Different grade of same products is manufactured in China. It is important to get the best products for your country. If you are new in the business, you might have not any knowledge of getting the perfect source of authentic products in a new and unknown country. In this case, you will get help from the MyShipper to get the best quality products.

Having local knowledge is important for doing the importing business. You need to know the culture and background of the people to be familiar with their products. MyShipper will provide you the adequate knowledge about the different city of the China. You need to know which state is familiar with selling which products. Though Google has all the information about anything but MyShipper will help you to get the most practical and relevant knowledge and information.

If you are importing any products to your county for selling purpose it is important to get the products at a cheap price. if you can’t buy the products at a cheap price, you will not be able to do business profitably in your country. MyShipper helps you to get products at the most reasonable price.

You need to have enough skill to negotiate the price with the manufacturers or suppliers. But for foreigners, it becomes difficult to negotiate the price and continue the conversation with the Chinese people for not knowing the language. But the agents of MyShipper can do the negotiation on behalf of you adding advantages to your business.

Before bringing products to your country, it is important to do the quality inspection of the products. MyShipper takes part in the quality inspection to bring the best quality products in the country. Apart from that it also helps to do all the shipping formalities and pay all the custom and excise duty, vat, tax on your products and so on.



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